Sunday, February 10, 2013


I've been pretty useless this week. I've had a migraine almost all week. It's been sort of on and off, so that's sort of a relief, but also a bummer... Each time I think it might be gone, that stabby, sharp pain ripples under my scalp again or my eyes burn. I'm going to spend most of tomorrow on the phone trying to get the ball rolling on getting disability. I need medical care and a chiropractor.

I've been working on a lot of slippers as gifts. They're all at a stopping point right now. I really need to just start on another little piece and get through them.

I'm also working on a few different hats: some actually on the needles, some just scribbles in my notebook, or ideas I'm working on inside my head. I am hoping that a Netflix marathon of something good and a few good snowy days will get my list down to a manageable size.

I've taken some time this week to update my Kindle. I needed some new books. I also added some children's book to my Kindle Fire. I don't use the Fire for reading much since the backlight hurts my eyes, but the colors are so nice on it!!

Added some children's books to my Kindle Fire today.  #books

And to finish off, here's Mister Shinobi chomping some lunch. 

Lunch time!

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