Thursday, February 07, 2013

To do

I have quite a to do list to get through in the next few days. I did get a great batch of photos (finally!) this afternoon.


When I was going through my stash the other day,* I was able to empty out one of the smaller storage bins. I have a matching set of three and  two of them are full of FOs for the store, now all three can be used for FOs. I have crazy, elaborate plans for the stash. A slow, but hopefully more productive way of inventorying it on Ravelry. But that is not on the list until March!

Part of the list for this month is updating photos and getting FOs listed. As I was organizing the dishcloths today for photos, I realized there were at least half a dozen colors that I have NEVER listed. Oop. Who knows when I knit all of these things, dishcloths are quickie projects and I tend to make a ton all at once. I can also knit them without looking most of the time, so they were popular study-knit projects.

*I finally found my tripod! I've been looking for it for weeks!

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