Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That could have been worse.

I finished the body of my FLS last night around midnight. It's happily folded up in my chair until I can get the time to start on the first sleeve. My goal is to have those finished within a week, but we'll see.

I have no time to knit tonight because I have to take a midterm... In fact, I should be doing that right now, but I'm considering this a warm up activity to get my brain working a little bit and get some concentration for more than 5 seconds at a time. I've been sleeping so poorly the last week and a half, so my body is all out of whack.

I stopped by Joann's on my way home and picked out some buttons. I didn't have the sweater with me, but I knew how many button holes I had since I'd counted them last night. I found some really pretty silver and black buttons that bring out the darker tones in the yarn. No pictures right now, I'll get some tomorrow when I can go outside and get decent, normal looking pictures in daylight. Also, that time thingie... Must get to my midterm now, wish me luck.