Monday, February 21, 2011

I've hit the wall of lace.

I'm getting really bored knitting my FLS. It's just been inch after inch of lace and it's not very exciting or fast. The purl rows are even more slow because of the YOs from the knit side. I'm just ready to get the body done and move along to the arms and finish this thing!

I'm really worried about the fit across the chest. I've read a lot of comments about having issues with that, so we'll see. I've been trying it on as I go, but it's difficult to tell before it's blocked out. I don't want to finish the whole thing just to have a sweater that won't button closed. I might put a lifeline in it today and try it on again to see if I can get a better idea.

ETA: Okay, I stuck it on some waste yarn tonight because I'm the kind of knitter who will just stop knitting if I think something is weird or wrong or won't fit. It fits, but just barely... Here's to really hoping that blocking opens it up a lot.


abby said...

Yep, just let it breathe. You'll be really happy with yourself when it is all finished!

Lauren said...

Do you see why it took me almost an entire year to knit the body??????? Hello, monotony! LOL. Keep at it though, don't be like me. Also mine is a LITTLE snug around the chest but I am hoping blocking will open it up a tad too. Here's hoping both our plans work :-)

Jessica said...

I stuck with it last night while watching Downton Abbey on Netflix.

I'm almost to the garter edge. I should be able to finish the body tonight during my knit night!