Friday, July 14, 2006

IHS No. 2

I took some photos of the first IHS and some of the new one I started last night... but I don't have the internet at home and trying to edit photos at work is a little hard to fit in. I'll try to sneak in a few moments this evening.

Yes, I cast on for another IHS last night. I'm using the left over grey from the Wavy Navy throw. It's knitting up very well. I'm using US 8s this time, so it's not moving as quickly as the last, but I'm already on the 5th repeat. Not too bad. I've snuck a few minutes of knitting time in at work today.

I knit up a block of various purple tidbits to make a throw pillow for my couch. I'm having issues seaming it though. I can't get it to match up correctly. I'm going to block the crap out of it this weekend and try again. I think it will be very cute when it's done.

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