Saturday, July 15, 2006


My head is killing me and I'm not hungover. It just hurts. It started last night.

I didn't sleep well. I kept waking up every few minutes and would just toss and turn. I tried listening to some music, I tried reading. I just couldn't sleep. I felt like I needed to cry. I still feel like I need to cry and I'm not a very cry-ish girl.

I went to McDonald's for lunch/dinner because I realised I hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours. Oops. I keep doing that. I waited in line to order for almost 20 minutes. They put these blocks around the drive-thru lane so you can't get out after you get in. It's the McDonald's vortex of evil. I finally got my food after another 15 minute wait -- but they gave me the wrong thing. Of course. I made it back to work almost 45 minutes after I had left.

Silly me for thinking anything in this town could take less than 15 minutes to accomplish.

It's hot in the store. We've tried changing the settings on the a/c but it's not helping.

I think something is wrong with my transmission. My car is driving weird. It kind of skips when I accelerate from a stop or slow speed. After I get above 25 mph it's okay. Very weird and very annoying. I don't really have the money to get it taken care of either.

I need to go to movies sometime soon. I haven't been to movies in ages. I miss going to the movies.

It's so insanely hot outside. 96 but with the humidity it feels like 104. Wow. (Thanks to the Weather Channel.)

I'm really hoping it rains tomorrow. We tend to get a little more traffic in the store if it rains. Maybe I'll do a rain dance in my backyard tonight

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