Friday, July 07, 2006

F off.

I'm finishing things like a crazy woman.

I cast off IHS on Wednesday after the World Cup match.* It's very pretty and my roommates were giggling at me because I wore it for the rest of the evening. It's my thing. I finish a scarf... I wear it until I go to bed. It's odd. I know. The thing is -- I've always done it -- but never with *gaspshockhorror* witnesses.

Thinking back on it though... I tend to put whatever I've knit on. Even pillows that haven't been completely seamed yet. It's a sickness.

Next up on the needles are several hats including one to match IHS. I've only knit one matching hat/scarf combo before and it was as a gift. I don't wear hats a whole lot (probably for the same reason I feel no need to knit sweaters -- it's just too damned hot here most of the time). I have several friends who have all expressed interest in some hats so off I go. I like knitting hats. They're fast and fun. Now if only I could learn enough patience to knit them in the round. I just don't really like knitting in the round.

I'm also planning to start a throw for Mom. I'm thinking of something similar to the Wavy Navy throw, but I'm using all stash yarns so I need to figure out a stripe combination that won't leave me weaving in ends for 6 weeks. I dug out tons of yarn that matches her favorite room in the new house. Lots of buttery yellows, rich browns, cream, and some gold.

I have a lot of yarn, but, as seems to be the issue with most things I want to knit, I don't have a lot of any one kind. Everything is in single skeins. Most don't have ball bands, most are probably older than me. I'm really not complaining, it's nice to have every color imaginable if the mood strikes, but I don't really like brown a whole lot. I gave a lot of the brown away to a friend who does like brown. I gave a bag of very random bright colors away to a friend who wanted to finish a granny square blanket her Grandmother had been crocheting before she passed away. The stash has been very helpful and the longer I've been knitting the better it's gotten. (A brief explanation of where the stash began.)

Back to the needles: I'm also planning another IHS. This one is for a friend in Montreal. I'll be doing a matching hat too. She wants something in reds, pinks, or oranges. She has a reddish tint to her hair so I think a muted pumpkin colorway would look fantastic on her, but so far, I've had no luck finding a good yarn. I went to A.C. Moore last night to take a peek but nothing looked good. I found a few things that were almost good, but nothing that grabbed me. The search shall continue.

*I'll have photos soon. I just forgot to take some.


Lauren said...

You are making me look bad, the way you are whipping through those IHS!!!!!!!!!!!!

For your mom's blanket, maybe you could do a log cabin blanket? (from mason-dixon knitting?) If you dont have that book i can photocopy it for you, i dont remember.

Jessica said...

I don't have that book yet. I'm too poor to buy new books. *sniffle*