Monday, February 06, 2006

A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.

I finished the side-to-side garter stitch scarf yesterday. It went so fast and turned out so well. I love the length, I love the colors, I love the fringe. Everything about it turned out great.

(Except the goddamned pictures which won't go where I want them to. Grrr.)

Anyway... I love this random-ness so much that I'm now going to make a blanket in the same way. I dug through the stash last night and pulled out all the red yarn I have. And there was a lot. Doug gave me some really pretty red for Christmas and that's one of the reasons I chose that cooler. It also happens to be my favorite color. XD

I cast on last night during the end of the Superbowl and got about 9 rows done. It looks great! I like the combination of all the different weights and textures of the yarn. Some of the yarn is so crazy bright, but it looks great mixed together. I'm going to keep very close track of how long it takes to make the blanket and hopefully I'll be able to make one for Mom for Mother's Day. I know she would love it. I pulled out a few balls of cream and off-white yarn while I was on my hunt. The original plan was to pepper the red with random streaks of cream, but now I'm not so sure. I kept it all out in it's own bag - just in case. I like the whole idea of just leaning over and grabbing a new ball every few minutes. It keeps the whole thing very fresh. I think if I were trying to follow a pattern or a repeat of colors I would get really bored... (See the striped blanket.)

When I woke up this morning I realised that I need to light a fire under my ass. I have a lot of bills due soon and haven't really made that much money this month. I'm going to get myself dressed and head off to one of the temp agencies to find some brainless work. I love working for my parents, but not having a set schedule is sort of messing with my body.


Terri D. said... your scarf, and adore the idea for a shades and textures of red blanket. Post progress pictures, please.

Jessica said...

I was planning on getting a few pictures tomorrow before I start on the KO project.

Thanks for popping by again! It really means a lot to know that there are other people out there reading this! :)