Monday, February 06, 2006

Bitch and bitch.

The title of today's Cast-On podcast is very fitting for my day. I have been waiting for my final paycheck from the Corporation of Hell and it still hasn't arrived. I'm getting a little freaked. Mainly because I have bills to pay and I am waiting for money from my closed out 401k too. Yikes!! All of the plans I had for today got pushed aside because I was trying to track down said funding. Now I'm just depressed and annoyed.

I knit a few rows of the red blanket and blog trolled for awhile. I found another good one which has been added to the sidebar. Of course, adding anything to the sidebar means I end up playing with HTML for an hour. I'm not addicted I swear.

I think I found the right yarn last night for clapotis in the hunt for red yarn. (Doesn't The Hunt For Red Yarn sound like one of the movie titles from Franklin's Stasher Movies?) It's variegated cotton in pink, purple, yellow, and green. I might change my mind though... I have some other goodies hiding out under the bed and in the walk-in closet.

I thought Doug and Doug Doug were going to come today but apparently not. (I should explain the names... My boyfriend is Doug. His best friend is also Doug. They also happen to have last names that start with the same letter... So Doug Doug is the friend.) Boys cannot make up their minds. I can't figure out what they are trying to do.

I'm feeling blah. Maybe I should go take a bath and chill out.

Listening to :: Cast On No. 10 : Bitch and Bitch


brendan said...

Hi Jes!

Jessica said...

Hi Brendan!

Lauren said...

Hey, thanks for your comment... I have to warn you, I am pretty bad about updating my blog, but thanks for adding me to your list! :)