Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Waiting for snowflakes

It's been a pretty unsnowy season this year. Not what I was expecting when we moved to Truckee, the 5th snowiest city in the US. I've been watching the crazy weather in all the other places I've lived, and have been pretty glad to not be dealing with their winter - I'm looking at you Ohio! We have some snow forecast this week and next, so I'm really hoping that it comes this time! The dog and I need more snow to jump around in. The snow that is outside, while still very deep, is old and gross now.

The migraine that started last Thursday when I was driving seems to have broken finally. I got a fever in my sleep two nights in a row, which only leads to more tossing and turning and bad sleep. I slept for about 18 hours on Friday/Saturday. I was exhausted, but even when I woke up, I was still exhausted. Migraine sleep sucks. I never really fall all the way asleep. It's like my body keeps tense and always bracing for the next wave of pain. 

I've been reading A Life in Stitches. It's very good. I'm enjoying the way she writes about knitting and her cat. I'm not a cat person, but Digit sounds like the best cat ever. I've never read her blog Yarn-A-Go-Go, but it's being added to my blog roll now! Her stories about being cold all the time and just knitting, knitting, knitting really inspired me. I am a cold person and don't seem to own enough sweaters! I'm not really sure how that is possible when I have been knitting since 2001, but whatever... We won't talk about the 4 or 5 in pieces, half-knit and scattered all over the stash... Shh...

I cast on for Cadence last night. I got the yarn (Sirdar Denim Chunky) at Saver's for $5 a few years ago. I think there were 7 or 8 balls originally. I used some for a hat and really enjoyed the feel of the yarn. I'm hoping I can get through this one quickly! Everyone on Ravelry seems to enjoy knitting it.


Lauren said...

I thought Cadence was really pretty, but I have a thing where it bugs me if my bra or tank top straps are showing under a sweater. I'm weird :)

Jessica Myers said...

I'm exactly the same. A few other people had complained about the drooping neckline too. I've added about an extra inch at the top so that doesn't happen.