Friday, March 01, 2013


We sold my beloved Focus about 2 weeks ago. I had had her for a long time, but since I don't drive much (less than 2 miles a week), and she wasn't really quite up to Truckee winters, we decided to sell it. We got a great price for it since I had taken pretty good care of her.

Yesterday, we bought a pretty great 1971 Dodge Power Wagon truck.

Our new truck!

1971 Dodge Power Wagon

It was owned by a police officer in Reno and then went to his daughter. He took great care of it and took copious notes for each upgrade and repair he did. We got a big binder full of scratched notes, warranties, and manuals. It had a cab over camper at one point, which we'd really like to do again, so we're happy that it has a few things done already that we won't have to worry about.

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