Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hiphip Hurray!

Today is my 4 year Ravelversary!

In the 4 years since Ravelry has come around, I've logged 282 projects (that number could actually be much higher because I didn't start keeping track of everything, including random dishcloths, until this year).

I've finished my first sweatermy second sweater, and a few others by now.

I have learned how to do crazy new things and how to improve on things I learned the first night I struggled with ugly purple yarn and shiny needles.

From my first project logged into to Ravelry to the one I completed last night for a massive KAL/CAL group, I've had learned so much and have spent more hours than I care to count on those green and white pages.

Jesmy's knitting photosetJesmy's knitting photoset

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Lauren said...

Happy Ravelversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years, wootie woo! You've accomplished a lot :-)