Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of May roundup

I was just commenting on a friend's blog and realized how many WIPs I have. Not that this is anything new, but it's something that always annoys me, and I continue to do it!

1st - Hey, Teach! I knit this SO fast and have not touched it since April 25th. No reason for that, just sheer laziness about not wanting to do shaping. And the shaping isn't even that hard!! I have the sleeves done to the caps, the fronts do to the sleeve shaping, and the back is completely done. It would take a long movie to finish the knitting. Then it needs to be seamed and blocked before the button band is added.

2nd - Dandy Neckerchief This honestly could be anywhere between 70-995 complete. I can pick how large I want it to be and since I haven't decided yet, I haven't worked on it! Stupid. This is another thing I could easily finish in a night if I just made my mind up about the size. I'll have enough of the yarn left for matching mittens and probably a hat.

3rd - Pole I only have the sleeves left. Those haven't been started yet because I want to add some short rows to the caps so the fit is more appealing. This is a few hours work of work, but it's still sitting there, waiting to be finished. The body has been done since May 15th. I really would like to finish this before June 1, but I don't know if that will happen given my work schedule and some work I need to get done for a class.

4th - Eskimo This poor thing hasn't been touched since fall! I flew through the back and the first half of the front panels, but then I left for Christmas break and didn't want to take it with. After Christmas, there were just too many new things to knit! Part of my slowness is also due to the fact that I've almost had to redesign the entire sweater since I'm using such an odd yarn.

5th - A hooded scarf This is for my friend's mom. Unfortunately, there aren't any great patterns that I've found for this item. I'm sort of making it up as I go using ideas from two different patterns. We'll see how that goes.

Written out it seems like a manageable amount of work, but also a lot of work at the same time! I also have to make the Hexacomb cardigan to wear to a wedding on June 10th. I might not be able to accomplish that, but I'm going to try. Which means I really should go dig for my contrast yarn... I thought it was in the in-apartment stash, but I can't find it anywhere.

I have finished a few things lately:

My 7th hat for 11 hats in 2011 -  Lotus hat
This was NOT a fun knit, but that's down to the yarn I used and my inability to count. 

My 8th hat for 11 hats in 2011 - Appalachia 
It was a really fun knit and the decreases on the crown are really cleverly done.

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