Sunday, April 10, 2011


I started another sweater.

I'm mad at my FLS which is about 2 hours work away from being done, but I'm still angry at it and can't really work on it right now even though it somehow keeps creeping onto the middle of my couch overnight.

My Eskimo got a whole bunch of love and attention in November and is embarrassingly close to being mostly done too, but I haven't touched it yet this year. Well, I did shove the rest of the yarn into the bag when I stash sorted earlier this year, but I don't think that really counts for much. It's such a fast knit with that giant yarn and giant needles, but I'm a lazy ass, so I haven't done anything with it in ages. I suspect that my urge to knit it will return when it's 104 degrees outside, or whenever I rescue my bike from it's winter storage place behind my couch. The Eskimo and it's bag of wonders are currently living on my bike.

So instead of working on either of those or finishing the Lotus hat, I decided that I needed to cast on another sweater. (The Pole doesn't count yet. I just did the back section to make sure my yarn/gauge was right. There's an official KAL in my knitting group that kicks off in about 2 weeks.) Granted, it's a sweater that's been in my queue almost as long as I've been on Ravelry (my Ravelversary is coming up soon, I shall try not to forget it again this year!) and the year I'm using has been in the stash since 2007 as well... But since I'm a spaz and tend to buy yarn, print the patterns, and then never actually pair the two together to MAKE the sweater, I still had both floating around. Since I'm planning a big move in August and would rather pack boxes full of sweaters, hats, and other knitted items than yarn, I'm really trying to get some FOs in the bag this year.

I was also peer-pressured by Lauren. Okay, not really, the sweater was already on my to-knit list for the year and I had thought seriously about starting in March or April.

April 9, 2011 - Hey Teach

It's going quite fast. I took it to a movie preview thing on Thursday and got the back done up to the ribbing on the waist during that. I'd never knit in the movies before, but since we had to be there for a while before the movie started, I thought I'd give it a go. Emily brought her green thing along, and we both knit away for a long time. The girl sitting next to Emily asked if we'd keep knitting once the lights went down which was kind of funny. I didn't really think that people around us might find two young women knitting in a theatre while waiting for a stoner comedy to start odd or different... But then again, I've been knitting for almost 10 years and don't really notice it when other people are doing it in non-knitty places. I could keep knitting in the dark, since I was just doing row after row of stockinette. I basically just went until my hands got sore, which turned out to be exactly the right length. Go me! I did the shaping and the ribbing once I got home and was going to start the lace portion on top, but then realized my pattern had printed without the lace chart. I'm still clueless how that happened, but it's a happy accident because I was able to print the chart on a sheet by itself and was able to make it quite large, so I can read it much easier. In the meantime, since getting the printer attached to the computer can sometimes be annoying, I cast on for the fronts and did a few inches of those.

I got through the first repeat of the chart last night. It was one of those lessons for me where I just had to breathe and trust that the chart, the designer, and the 2003 people who have knit it are smarter than me. It all worked out fine, in fact, the only part that I messed up and had to redo was something that I just miscounted. I'm hoping I can get another big chunk on of it done today. I do have some actual school work to do, but I can probably knit at my desk and get a few rows in here and there.

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