Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I've been working on the Lotus Hat out of some hated, loathed, detested yarn. It's a pity that I hate the yarn so much because it's gorgeous, but I've tried knitting with it several times, and it never ends well. It's 3 strands with 2 very thin strands (one of mohair) wrapped around a ribbon. It's so very pretty, but so hard to knit with. The strands stray from each other, the ribbon splits, it's just not good stuff to work with.

April 4, 2011 - Lotus Hat

I was chugging along nicely through the hat. I added an extra repeat of the first chart because I wanted it to cover my ears. I measured it against another hat, but was still concerned it would run a bit small. I decided to just go for it because I assumed the hat would block out a bit to open the lace and it's stretchy. I started on the second chart, the one for the crown and the interesting decreases that make a pretty pattern on top, and was getting through it quite well. In the beginning of the 8th row, I noticed my stitch count was suddenly off one stitch. Not sure how or when it happened, so I had to pull back the entire top section. I'm in the midst of picking them back up now, which is an annoying process.


Lauren said...

Ahhh I hate splitty yarn! If I had discovered I was off by one stitch, I totally would have k2tog or whatever and fudged it ;-) Way to do it right!

Jessica said...

I was short one! And it's a lace pattern, so adding random things was not a good idea. :|