Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm supposed to be reading for a quiz I need to take by 9:30 tomorrow morning. I just finished one of the six articles I need to read and it's already 11:17 pm. I still have reading I need to do for my other class, a sink of dishes to wash (I already did one load), a shower to take because my hair is both greasy and dry, and who knows what else. I just keep losing such HUGE chunks of time doing tasks that shouldn't take me that long.

I went to Panera around 5:15 today to try to get some homework done. I managed to read one chapter, but couldn't take the gossiping, legging-clad, Ugg boot wearing girls at the next table anymore. I sat in the furthest corner from the door, hoping to get some peace and quiet, but they just sought me out like a beacon. This is why I can't get anything done at the library either. Those dumb girls just cannot shut the hell up, and the guys are just as bad!

I'm just irritated at the workload I have this semester and how, even with only one class on MWF, I'm still always camped out at the computer all night on Monday and Wednesday trying to get all this crap done. (And here I am complaining as I blog...)I've been trying to set mini-goals to get myself through the evening, but the time I spend on my work just flies by and then suddenly it's hours later.

Going back to read about Hitler now. Oh joy. My least favorite period of history ever and I have TWO classes about it this semester.

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