Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just because I am so very cool

Tonight after my knit night at B&N, I went to King Sooper's (one of Colorado's names for Kroger) to get some Diet Coke. I found that and bananas quickly, however, I've been having random cravings for sweets - something that isn't too common for me, I tend to crave salty, crunchy things, but I'm guessing that the recovery from getting my wisdom teeth out has hindered that craving for a while, so I went on a sugar hunt.

I have really wanted doughnuts, but there are no places in Boulder for doughnuts. No local places (that I know of), no Dunkin Donuts, no Tim Horton's, and worst of all, no Krispie Kreme. So that leaves the grocery stores. Sadly, King Sooper's didn't have any doughnuts, or really any fresh baked goods except some burnt looking chocolate croissants. I have also been craving cheesecake and found one on sale for half price, so I got one and some cherry pie filling. Yum. Nothing says "Recovery (while on Percocet)" like a giant-ass cheesecake.

After all this wandering around the store getting really random stuff, I went through the U-Scan, paid, and walked out to the car. As I was getting in, I saw my reflection and I realized I had a bright red pompom tied to my bun still.

November 16, 2010 - Pompom


Lauren said...

LOL why was it tied to your bun in the first place??? :-)

Jessica said...

Just to be goofy. I had to borrow a pompom maker from one of the ladies in my knitting group and when I finished the first one, I tired it into my hair after we batted it around a bit. I just completely forgot it was up there.