Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm in Wilmington right now. I spent the first half of my break in Indiana with Ryan, Lauren, Greg, and family. It was lovely and Lauren threw me a great 30th birthday shindig. It was small and full of games, the most delicious cake ever, good drinks, and people I like a lot! Nothing could be better!

Decmber 26 - 30th Birthday! (7)

I did Christmas stuff with my family once I got here and that was fun too.

December 30 - Family

I sort of hate New Year's Eve with a passion. It's always a big let down, so now I don't even bother to make extensive plans or worry about where I'll be at midnight. I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight and don't really care. We'll see what happens.

I didn't get much done for "Christmas knitting." I sort of just gave up early and made sure I didn't need to kill myself to get it done. I'm going to make the Skull Illusion Scarf for my aunt as her gift. I knew I wouldn't get it done in time, so I printed a photo of it and told her to pick the colors she wanted. I was also going to dig into the Red Heart stash to make it, but honestly, I started it with some and it was such a miserable feeling yarn, I stopped. I'm going to find some cheap superwash wool while I'm here to get it taken care of.

I've had some really gorgeous yarn lurking about in my stash for a while now and I really need to use them up. I did a pretty good job of not doing too much stash enhancing this year, but since I'm planning to make a move back to the midwest around this time next year, I really need to get it knocked out. I have 4 storage bins full and that needs to be cut down greatly! My Ravelry queue is also huge, so I think I can knit some goodies and get the stash taken care of.

Wings scarf (2)

This is some Noro Cashmere Island that I got cheap on WEBS last year. It's lovely, but I never really knew what to make with it. I have enough normal and stripy scarves, so I wanted something else. I've made a DK weight lace scarf before and considering that my queue has quite a bit of lace patterns, so I figured I should try it again and get used to crazy yarn overs and the like. I like the pattern, but I still have no idea if I'm doing p2tog tbl correctly. I made something up since I was in the airport/on the plane.

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Lauren said...

I like that scarf!!! Glad you had a nice visit with your family :-)