Monday, July 13, 2009


I love when I knit something that is so truly ugly that it has no hope.

I kept knitting this damned hat. It was very ugly from the beginning. I honestly don't know why I kept knitting it. I should have just stopped knitting after the first 5 rows and called it a day. I just really needed to knit a little bit after miles of crochet. (To be honest, the crochet kind of kills my hand. It is also not as easy to watch TV and crochet for me and that sucks. I am an avid TV knitter.)

So after stupidly pushing on and knitting the entire hat, I cast off and it was too small to even fit around my head (and I have a small head)... And sort of resembled a blueberry muffin. It was awful looking. I even tried to salvage the top, but it was all so unfortunate, it had to go.

I keep forgetting I have a ball winder. Maybe because each time I use it, I almost loose a finger, strangle myself or attempt to toss it across the room. It has this nasty habit of winding the yarn around the base of the spool. This means I cannot get the ball of yarn off the spool. Other times, the yarn wraps UNDER the spool. Again, no idea why. It just does it sometimes.

Last night, it did the under thing first. This lead me to have a small meltdown that involved threatening to recycle the ball winder, getting the yarn threaded through the pull of a zipper to a purse laying under my desk, getting yarn wrapped around my own feet and legs and some other things that involved a few (dozen) choice words. I sounded like the Dad in "A Christmas Story."

So after deciding to walk away untangle myself from the ball winder and let it think about what it had done, I retrieved it from the floor and reassembled it. I set it up on the kitchen table instead and gave it another shot. Of course, I had to spend about 5 minutes untangling the knots in the ugly ass yarn. I finally got that done and tried again.

Success... for about 20 turns of the handle. Then the yarn wrapped around the base of the spool. I pulled back the mess and tried again. I finally got it and almost just threw the yarn away after all the trouble. It really is truly ugly, and now it's just going to sit in my stash to taunt me.

I spent 2 evenings of knitting on this fugly hat. Oh well... At least I finished a cute one a few days before.

Wicklow Cable Brim Hat

Listed here on Etsy

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