Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've been home for a week... It's been a whirlwind of trying to get over a cold, adjust to the time difference, unpack, start classes, and a billion other things, all while Vince was getting root canal, a fever from said root canal, running all over town to find water purification tablets, sunscreen with DEET in it, and prepare himself for his trip to India. He left this morning for 10 weeks in Jaipur. He's doing a study abroad program for Hindi language.

So needless to say, the apartment is a mess, as am I. I still have a bit of a cold. I managed to get all of my clothes out of the suitcase and some even got into the closet, but most are in a giant heap on or near my desk. I have stacks of pamphlets and flyers from various places I went to sort through and find something to do with. I might make a scrapbook, but I'm not a big scrapbook person... but I also don't want to just leave them shoved inside a Topshop bag for the next 5 years.

I'm waiting for textbooks to get in for my classes, so I'm way behind on all my coursework, which isn't helping with the complete since of overwhemledness* I'm feeling right now. I re-applied for unemployment, so here's hoping that it actually works for me this time.

I had a fabulous time in Dublin. I completely and utterly fell in love with both the city and country of Ireland. I miss the smell of the Guinness brewery every time I walk outside. I really learned a lot and have found new and interesting things to learn and study about.

I did manage to find a wee bit of yarn while I was there and will get around to photographing it at some point. It's currently buried under the previously mentioned pile of clothing and such.

ireland hillside (click to make larger)

In case you are interested at looking at a massive amount of photos, here is the album of ALL the photos I took in Ireland. I'm planning on doing a "best of" album with about 50 or so photos at some point soon. But enjoy, comment, ask questions. I haven't really had the chance to add anything to them except where they were taken.

*Yes, I made up a word.


Lauren said...

You're allowed to make up that word because just READING about all the stuff you need to do/have done makes me tired! Whew. Here's hoping the next few weeks will give you time to get organized and settled! Let me know if I can do anything :-)

danielle said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I went to Ireland a few years ago but unfortunately never made it far outside of Dublin. Next time, the countryside, definitely!

Glad you had a great time!