Wednesday, January 07, 2009

O hai

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I'm sorry I've been so lazy about posting. We had quite a long holiday break that involved a ton of travel. We went to Ohio and North Carolina. We ate, we saw friends, we saw family. It was good.

Then... we got back and I was laid off yesterday. I'm not horribly upset about it. I have a paycheck coming still for a while and it will give me a chance to take classes during the day. That really helps out a lot and I can take a heavier class load.

I'm trying to get the apartment in some sort of order. We have a ton of new stuff to put away and find places for. We have been looking for a new entertainment center/TV stand. Ours is a little small and our DVD/video game tower thingie is completely full and has been overflowing for over a year.

Vince got me a sewing machine. I'm excited! I have some pants that need hemmed and I'd really like to make some skirts this spring. I am going to clean off my desk and set that up as a sewing table/real-life functioning desk. I also got some cute Etsy-item things to jazz up my packages when they go out.

I have some really great stuff that will be going up on Etsy this week.


Lauren said...

Glad to have you back in blogland :-) Can't wait to see what you can sew with your new sewing machine Ms. Crafty!!!!

velmalikevelvet said...

welcome baaaaccck!

Amy said...

Hey - I have a tv stand you can have. Drop me an email and let me and I'll email you pic/description. And I got a sewing machine for Christmas, too! Isn't it exciting!!!! :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks Amy, but we already got one. We had to get a very odd size to fit into our apartment.