Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Making a list

I was in a rather boring meeting last week and took the time to make a list of Christmas gifts to be made/bought. I'm trying to use up as much stash as possible and save a bit of money where I can.

Today I signed up for a study abroad trip to IRELAND! Wooooo! It's 10 days in Dublin with tours, museum visits and such. It counts as credit for class too. Could there be any better reason to go? I was wanting to go to Europe next summer anyway and this is the perfect chance. My dad currently lives in Bahrain, teaching at a fancy school and wanted to get together to travel a bit. Now we can meet up before or after my class and go a few more places. I'd really like to go to Wales, Scotland and England.

Anyway, back to the list -- it's pretty long, but nothing too huge. The biggest thing is Grandpa's blanket. I have been a bad knit blogger and completely forgot to take pictures of the gorgeous squares Lauren and Cynthia sent to me.

DSCN1822 DSCN1821 DSCN1820 DSCN1818 DSCN1817 DSCN1815

They are so nice to me!!

The rest of the list is pretty manageable. Lots and lots of hats and dishcloths. I was smart and knit a lot of dishcloths in September to get a jump start. I have 12 done and hope to get at least another 20 done. They go pretty fast and are a good quickie knit.

I printed off some patterns today to get some stuff started and I'm going to get to work on them! I knit a hat on Saturday. It was a quick knit - an earflap hat knit on big needles with chunky yarn from a sweater I recycled. I just sort of freestyled it and knit. It came out a bit large so I felted it a bit and it looks great. I think I'm going to make a flower out of some felt and sew it on.

I need to take a whole big batch of photos sometime this week. I have some finished squares and a few other things in progress that need a photoshoot.

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Designated Knitter said...

IRELAND?? Whoo hoo that sounds fabulous. I'm so jealous! Think of all the sheep....and sweaters...and all the green...

Do you need someone to carry you luggage???