Saturday, November 22, 2008

College Football Knitting

I'm recovering from a pretty nasty bout of food poisoning. So bad that we had to go the ER at 2:30AM on Friday morning. I'm feeling better now and taking it easy this weekend. I canceled all my plans and am buckling down to get some knitting done.

I need to do some finishing stuff. I knit a cute, funky earflap hat 2 weeks ago and it needs something. I was thinking of adding a felt flower to it. I think that would add some nice color to it.

I also need to sew the buttons back on my Sesame. I took them off several months ago because they looked terrible. I couldn't get them sewn on right, but I have some smaller needles now that should fit through the button holes. Now I just have to find the buttons... I also re-blocked the sweater last weekend. It needed a good stretching, the sleeves were just a touch too tight. It fits much better now although I could still use a little more ease in it. I never tried it on with a long sleeved shirt until about a month ago and realized they didn't go well together.

The Peony Buttony sweater is going well. I sort of expected to have it done by now, but life got in the way. I should be able to finish up the body this weekend and then hopefully get the sleeves done over the Thanksgiving break. I am worried about the neckline on it. I think I might have mentioned before that it's rather floppy. I'll figure out what to do with it after it's blocked.

I knit up the Dolores Park Cowl this week for Vince's sister, Julie's birthday present. It was a pretty quick knit and it very cute. I used two strands of Bernat Alpaca held together. It looks nice and is very cozy. I made it a little larger than the one shown. I'm going to block it out this afternoon and we'll get it in the mail for her Monday.

Sorry for the lack of photos, my camera is MIA. I have no idea where it has gone. It's somewhere in the apartment, I just don't know where.

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Lauren said...

1. I am glad you are OK!
2. Maybe its a twisted way the knitting gods wanted you to get more knitting done lol...
3. If you find a cute felted flower pattern can you share? I need some embellishments for my mom's slippers!
4. IU totally got creamed by purdue today. Bleh.