Friday, February 08, 2008


I love this pattern. I truly do. But then I tried to knit it.

Okay, I will take a major part of blame -- I had a very specific stash yarn in mind and pattern calling for bulky weight yarn be damned, I was going to knit with it.

I grabbed some paper, a pencil and my phone (I couldn't be bothered to go into the other room and actually get my real calculator) and set to work. Ugh. What was a thinking! I read through trying to find something that could help with my yarn, but everything seemed a little off. One place told me to CO 112 and stitches! What??! I did some math and came up with 97. That still seemed high, but I gave it a shot. NOPE. Way too long. I was shooting or 16" and ended up somewhere around 25".

So I re-figured. This time I came up with 79 which then lead to me to believe that maybe it was 79 the whole time and I just had a cases of the reversies and switched the numbers. It's the right size now and I'm knitting along, but now all my YOs don't really seem to be slanted in the right direction. I'm trying to ignore my paranoia and just keep going, but that's not working either. I've managed to knit half a row since the paranoia set in. I think I just need to rip back to the ribbing and start again.

I do have to say the yarn is GLORIOUS though. Classic Elite Waterlily in Leaf. Mmm. It was a gift from Lauren ages ago and I've been wanting to make some great out of it.

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Lauren said...

Yay im glad you like that yarn! I am sorry the caplet is being such a pain though!!!! Hope you get it figured out :)