Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finishing Up

Oops. I meant to post yesterday and got distracted by editing photos and playing on Ravelry. Who can blame me?

So photos! I haven't posted photos of F.O.s in a long time so I'm just going to make a little gathering.


1. 1978, a leftovers hat I finished ages ago but never got any good photos of it.
2. Aimee's Red Menace scarf. Was origianlly a stash busting blanket from DECADES ago.
3. Gryffindor book scarf for Julie.
4. Grey Cashmere hat for Etsy shop.
5. Green & White striped basic dishcloth for Vince's dad. Finished Monday. (I gave him a red & green on for Christmas but didn't take a photo.)
6. Oceanside Scarf for Vince's Mom. Actually has 2 more colors at the end but I can't find the photos I took of it...
7. Open Cabled Hat for Julie. Great hat. I loved it. I'll post more about it later. I made a set of matching mittens but the photos are on Vince's camera. I should get those off there...
8. Christmas Ballband. Another for Vince's Dad.
9. Purple & White Ballband. Finished on Monday. Just because. I'll probably sent it to my mom for her birthday.
10. Limeade Ballband. For Mom.

(If you click on the photos, most have more than one photo with them. I'm not writing out details because, frankly, it's all in Ravelry... and I hate typing out details. I only have details now because Ravelry makes it so frakkin' easy!)

I really like this project: A Tree Undone. It would be something Boulder-ites would enjoy. I found it via this article about Subversive Knitting.

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Lauren said...

Dand you've been a busy girl!!!! I love that scarf you made for your mom, the colors are beautiful.