Thursday, January 17, 2008


I hate when my lunch immediately gives me hiccups. How annoying.

Working at home has gotten much easier today. I got my printer and little table set up next to the desk. And the BIGGIE, I got a lamp out of the storage room this morning to put on the desk. Our bedroom is not the most well lit place. Even with the blinds open, it can be dim in here. Very dim. It's not good. It also leads to problems while trying to knit while watching something on the computer. Now I can see my keyboard! Yay! I grabbed a few baskets too. All my mail keeps getting shoved in between the wall and the computer and that just looks gross.

I'm going to frog the Celtic Cable Scarf I'm working on. I think black slippery cashmere + crazy cable pattern on smallish needles = Jessica is never ever going to want to knit it. Plus, it's for a guy and it was just a bit too feminine and too narrow. So I'm going to find something new and hopefully have it finished within the next week to get to him as quickly as I can.

Last night I started another quickie 1x1 ribbed scarf. This one is bright kelly green and black. I like it. I very, very rarely knit with black and I love it. I don't know why I don't do it more often. In fact, I was daydreaming about a little black bolero or shrug last night while I was knitting along to Project Runway. (Speaking of Project Runway -- 1. I love Chris and Christian. They're great. I'm so glad they brought Chris back. He shouldn't have gone in the first place. 2. Ricky. I'm sorry Ricky, I can't stand your designs. They all LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. Tiny dresses. Wow. Go you. And you cry so much. 3. Someone else who does the same thing every time -- Rami. You make gorgeous stuff, but you make the same thing every. single. week. Branch out dude.)

The American Idol auditions have been... fun(ny). The "Rocker" - "I'm a Rocker. I like to ............... rock." That guy was wearing so much makeup. Ew.

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Team Fierce! Organza!

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