Tuesday, December 11, 2007

14 days.

That's two weeks. Yikes.

The Hive hat was frogged last night due to some shitastic yarn issues. As in I was using shitty yarn and it sucked. I dropped a stitch about 4 repeats below and was trying to repair it but the yarn would not budge. It was being a prat. So I ripped back a few rows to try to fix it. No good. Ripped back another few rows. Nope. Ripped back more and now I am only one repeat above said dropped stitch -- FINALLY got it fixed...

And. I. cannot. get. the. stitches. back. on. the. damned. needle.

I dug into the DPN stash and pulled out 6 tiny sharp metal DPNs. All size 3, I was using a size 8 for the hat. I picked up all the stitches (which was still frakkin' hard with those tiny needles!) thinking I can just transfer them over to the 8s as I go.

NOPE. The yarn had other ideas.

So I showed it! I ripped the whole hat out. HA.

I think I may have screwed myself over while teaching the yarn a lesson.


Back to the drawing board for me. I'm reinventing a few items already knit. I have some better yarn to knit hats out of and I have a rather large scarf that I need to start but I don't have the right yarn. Nothing in the stash was speaking to me.


Danielle said...

I HATE it when yarn refuses to learn a lesson! Almost as much as I hate Blogger's new comment system. - Knit 'n' NASCAR

Courtney said...

That sounds like an all too familiar yarn nightmare! You did win though..ultimately!