Wednesday, October 03, 2007


My yarn is living twenty minutes away from me.

Storage. Ugh.

It can be a painful word. Especially if you're a knitter and have a sizable stash like myself. One giant clear storage bin, one medium sized blue one and a few random bags and boxes here and there. (Quick aside: when buying storage containers for your yarn, never, ever, ever buy a non-clear bin. I have a portion of mine in a light blue bin, and while it's a great bin, I have to dig through the whole thing to find one teeny tiny ball of cotton to finish a dishcloth... Not fun. And I always find some forgotten yarn that must be cast on right at that moment.)

My yarn is tucked away nicely in a lovely storage room on the other side of Boulder. It's been bagged and binned so I'm not worried about bugs or odor, but it's so frakkin' far away!

What do I do at 1 am on a Sunday when I have to knit a hat out of that lovely baby blue Debbie Bliss cashmerino? Or knit a monster for my shop? (Which I wanted to do last night but all the yarn and my needles are there!!)

The needle thing should be solved shortly, I have a nice little table that has a ton of storage, it's sort of like a small trunk on legs. I'm planning on making it my night stand so I'll have a lot more stuff nearby. For now, I figured it was more important to try to get my clothes unpacked and try to get my desk and computer set up (only the clothes have been dealt with so far.)

So for now, I'm stuck with knitting the last bit of the Hourglass and the just-under-a-foot-long Chevron scarf. I really want to frog the Chevron scarf though because I think I need to go up a needle size... Oh well. It still looks good and someone will like it if I don't.