Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm finally in Boulder. It was a very hectic few weeks... I've gotten NO knitting done and it's making me insane.

On my trip out, I stopped in Indiana to stay with Oma & Opa.* She had a large bag of yarn waiting for me. :) She always has a mini-stash waiting for me.

I feel like I should mention how awesome a knitter and crocheter Oma is. She knits faster than anyone I've seen in my life. She knits hats for charity. Since she's started she has knit over 2,500 of them!!! It's crazy. She knits them all flat, sews them up and puts pompoms on them too!!!

Okay, back to work. I'm trying to look for a job, unload my car, unpack, and get my life into some sort of order! Wish me luck.

Oh, and I swear that my Hourglass will be done soon. I only have a few rows to knit and then the finishing to do. I promise I'm not just knitting that because I don't have anything else to knit right now. ;)

*Grandma & Grandpa in German, aka, my step-grandparents.


Lauren said...

Cmon girl... finish up the whore ;-) maybe it will inspire me to pick mine up again!!!

Jessica said...

I think pigs will fly if I finish.