Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A little behind...

I've finished two grey projects in the past few weeks. I'm a little behind the curve on this whole Project Spectrum thing, but hey, at least I'm finishing things.

After making my roll call list, I couldn't keep going on new things without finishing something. I pulled the Grey 11:11 (eleven stitches on size 11 needles; also the time I was born) Scarf out. I started it in February for Project Spectrum.



Started: February 23, 2007 (A big YAY for blogging, I would never know that normally!)
Finished: May 8, 2007
Needles: Clover Bamboo US 11
Yarn: Bernat Galaxy in Mercury & Star
Size: 68" x 4"
It's done in seed stitch. (I know, I'm insane... but I love the way it looks.)

A note on the yarn: I love it! It's been one of my faves for ages. I find it very interesting looking and it feels lovely too. I always buy some when it goes on sale. I have several balls of it hidden away in my stash.


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