Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All aboard.

I really wasn't trying to jump on the Chevron Scarf bandwagon. I added it on my to-knit list back in the fall when I first found LMKG at the library. I kept putting off starting it because, well, sometimes I try not to be a total knitting whore.

So let's take a quick account of said whorishness... I am currently working* on the follwing:

* Chevron Scarf - I really couldn't resist... One of the colorways has all three colors from this month's Project Spectrum!

* Hourglass Sweater - Still in a basket by my window. I could have it back on the needles and working again in about an hour, but I just keep putting it off. No idea why. I really want to knit it!

* Grey 11:11 Scarf - This could be finished in about an hour or two... but no, it's just curled up in a bag looking lonely.

* Ballband Hand Towel #2 - I actually have been working on this. I got about five repeats done last night while watching Battlestar Galactica.

* Red Side-To-Side Throw - This is one of those things I pick up when I need some mindless knitting. I worked on it a bit last week. I really don't have any sort of timeline with this baby. It's already been on the needles for a year.

* Log Cabin Throw - Um... Whoops... I don't think I've knit a stitch on this since January. I should probably work on it instead of the red one since this is a gift.

* Zombie Doll - Zombie Fred is half done. He's a torso and will remain so until I figure out how to do his lower half.

* All the hats - I tried last night! I really did! I cast on for the grey one and knit a few rounds, but I messed up and my ribbing got all wonky.

I think that's everything. Who knows... I'm sure there are a few projects stuck in a box, bag or basket. There always are...

*I use the word "working" in the loosest way here. Some of these things could be finished in a manner of hours, but instead I like to leave them in various baskets and bags throughout my apartment.

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