Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Think pink!

The leg warmers are done and adorable. I ended up running out of yarn around 13" into the second one... so that meant ripping back the cast off edge of the first and just knitting until they were even. They are about 18 1/2" long. That's quite a difference from the 26" noted in the book. Not sure what happened there, but it worked out and I like them a lot. Of course, now that I've completed them, it's 70 degrees outside... although during March in Ohio anything is possible, so it might be -14 tomorrow.


I also got the yarn from Knit Picks today for my Hourglass sweater. It got here so quickly!!! I'm really pleased. The color is gorgeous!

It's Wool of the Andes in blueberry. The price can't be beat and it's very nice. I also got a ball each of forest heather and lake ice heather. I'm going to make a Hogwarts Slytherin scarf from them.



Crafty Kitten said...

Oh! Pretty nail polish!!

The teal/blue looks amazing, I'm sure the sweater will turn out beautifuly!

Macoco said...

Great color for the hourglass! I'm jealous. I bought some KnitPicks yarn for the hourglass I'm working on and it's not quite the shade I was expecting. It'll do though. ;) Sorry to hear that you twisted your stitched. That's never fun.

Lauren said...

Your feet are adorable!