Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Be careful not to twist stitches.

Google that phrase. I'll wait...

Okay. How many results to you get?


So why on earth did I just knit 6 rounds of my Hourglass sweater after twisting my stitches. I even double-triple-quadruple checked... and I still twisted the damned things! Ugh.

To the pond it goes.


Cam Qu├ębec said...

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danielle said...

ROTFL. I'm only laughing because I did the EXACT same thing with my hourglass sweater 2 days ago - I just didn't care. I'd already cast on 4 times and I figured, heck, I'm folding that part up to become the hem anyway. Now the countdown is on to determine how crazy it makes me before I frog 4" of sweater.