Monday, March 26, 2007

Spazzy Scarf

I decided to knit a scarf late Friday afternoon. I plucked some random balls of crazy sparkly yarn out of the stash and set off.

3 strands held together + size 19 needles = fun & fast knitting.


I used some "vintage" Caron Dazzle Aire in Earth Glow (2 strands of that) and Light Rust (which is actually peach). It's from the Oma stash. I'm trying to do some major stash busting and this helped. I just kept knitting in 1x1 ribbing until I ran out of yarn. The scarf is huge, soft and fluffy. I really like the way it turned out and it didn't take all that long. Plus, the huge bamboo needles were a welcome vacation for my hands. I will definitely make some more of these to use up some more stash yarn. They will make great gifts.


Lauren said...

Ooooh very pretty! It looks so warm. I really have been meaning to knit myself a nice THICK scarf, because all mine are single layer ones i have to wrap around many times. Nice job! (And good job on the stash busting too)

Crafty Kitten said...

That really is a pretty scarf!

Macoco said...

That scarf looks so pretty and warm too.