Sunday, March 25, 2007

Columbus, we have a problem...

My apartment is infested with moths.


I said that evil word.


Doesn't it just make your blood run cold?

I'm not sure what kind of moths they are. They seem to be coming from somewhere in my kitchen. I've also seen them in the halls of my building. I'm guessing they might be one of the hazards of living in an old building. I'm also guessing that all moths eat wool. They are really small moths and seem to fly around erratically. They are pretty easy to swat out of the air too.

I'm currently shoving skeins of yarn into plastic bags and cramming them into my tiny, tiny, tiny freezer. Wish me luck.

ETA: They appear to be Indian Meal Moths. They are quite a problem in Ohio.


Crafty Kitten said...


Check your food too, it seems that some moths like to eat grains as well.

Jessica said...

I'm checking everything!!

Macoco said...

NOOOO! Reading that made me clench all of my muscles in fear. yes, definitely check your pantry and dry goods.

danielle said...

Those sound like exactly the moths we have (and are exactly why all of our flour, pasta, etc are in vacuum-sealed containers). Do they almost go to powder when you smoosh 'em?