Monday, March 19, 2007


Since hours and hours of tinking is not the best way to retain one's sanity, I decided to give the handtowel for my Mom another try. Cotton + metal needles = very sore hands. I need to remember to pick up some bamboo needles in US 7. I was originally going to do the traditional ballband pattern, but I've been curious to see how slipping it a little differently would look.



I like it! A lot! I'm going to make some dishcloths/washcloths using this now. Even the reverse side looks good!


Now what to call it...


Lauren said...

Hmm you could just lay claim to it and call it "Jessica's Ballband". Or maybe "Non-staggered ballband" or something like that. haha. I agree though, the back of it is very cute! I might have to try it like that on my next dishcloth. :-)

Crafty Kitten said...

It does look really pretty like that!!