Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm dumm

I can't read apparently. I messed up my Hourglass royally.


I did 8 decrease rounds in a row. Yeah. I should read a little more closely. I'm in the process of tinking back. I just can't bear to rip it out and start over from scratch.


Crafty Kitten said...

That color really is beautiful!

danielle said...

Ooh, I'm sorry to hear that! I'm notoriously bad at reading directions all the way through myself. I've just frogged and set my hourglass aside. There's no way I have enough yarn.

Macoco said...

Oh no! That's such a bummer. It looks like we're both at the same point in our projects -- you're really fast!

Jessica said...

Oh that stinks Danielle! I actually ordered mine after it turned out that I didn't have enough of the original yarn I had chosen.

I'm only fast because I'm home all day long!! I figured sick leave was the ideal time for sweater knitting. :)

Lauren said...

Sorry I had to break the bad news to you about the Hourglass. But now we are at the same place because I am just about to start that section, heh. :-)