Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WIP rolecall.

Since revamping the blog and my quick production of ballbands, I've noticed a sad trend here in the house of Libertine-ville. A growing stash of WIPs. Yes.



Hmm... I have socks that I haven't touched since mid-September. A blanket that I generally tend to forget about until I have the urge to knit something red and once I dive into the stash to find red yarn, realise that I harvested all of it for said blanket. (You'd be surprised by the odd color urges that come over me. I've been staring at my basket of cotton for ballbands and willing some purple and blue to show up and maybe some light green... and maybe yellow. But that's a whole different story. Those little things are like crack.)

Back on topic -- there's the scarf that was supposed to be quick and dirty just sort of looks like a Muppet on crack. Another scarf, my second Irish Hiking scarf... that I haven't touched since I moved. The Log Cabin blanket for Mom has been moved back to Mother's Day. A flight means limited space and a huge heavy blanket just won't make it into my bag. A rug for my cold, cold floors. And finally the Twiggy Bobble hat. I knit several inches of this on Thanksgiving and then realised I had made the bobbles wrong. Oops.

So that's it for now. Yikes. I'm sure there are some other ones hiding away in a box somewhere but we'll ignore those.


Lauren said...

Wow... so many awesome projects. Who cares if they're WiPs... they will get done! (someday). I adore that red blanket. You will have to describe how you are making it. Also, what are you knitting your rug out of? I want to knit you one too! :D

keep on knittin'...

Jessica said...

The red blanket is just knit side-to-side, changing colors at each end. I made a scarf like it last spring and loved it. I knit the first foot or so in garter and then switched to stockinette so it wouldn't curl too much.

The rug is out of some Red Heart super bulky. The rug that's in my bathroom now is made from the same thing.