Monday, December 11, 2006

December is flying by...

Ballband number 4 is done. I finished it Saturday (I think...) and cast on for another one last night.


Same colors as 3, just reversed.

I re-cast on for the Twiggy Bobble Hat today -- at work. I always forget how odd people find it when I randomly break out the knitting. I really don't think it's that odd... but that's me. I had people stopping by my desk all through my break (a measly 15 minutes people! I don't want to spend the entire time telling you that I'm knitting a hat and yes it takes 5 needles and no, this isn't the thing with the hook and no, I'm not crocheting. Sorry.... mini-rant) and then later in the day because I left it sitting on my desk next to my computer.

Um... I just totally blanked and forgot what else I was going to blog about. Yeah. I need a nap.

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