Sunday, November 05, 2006

My ears are itchy.

I finished my Irish Hiking headband this morning. It turned out very well. It didn't knit up quite as quickly as I thought it would but that's alright. (I used size 6US and did 15 repeats.)



I have enough of the yarn left to make something else, so another pair of Fetching might be in order. I've been wearing my orange ones a lot and need another pair that are slightly smaller. I have tiny hands and they're just a little large for me.

ETA: Yarn Info!!!! I found one with a band. It's Phentex Galaxie in Orient. 30% Wool 30% Acrylic 29% Viscose 11% Polyester. It's from the stash (aka "vintage"), something that Oma gave me a while ago. I have about 3 or 4 balls left.


Lauren said...

Cute headband!!! Looks soft and warm. Hey, I totally need to make more fetching too... And I was going to make smaller ones also, because i have slightly less than one skein (my first pair took one skein + a bit more...) I was thinking of just taking out some of the plain rows in the middle to make it shorter, and then maybe removing one cable row from the wrist. What do you think?

Jessica said...

That sounds like it would work. I need to make mine smaller in diameter though. I'm not really sure how to figure that one out without lots of math.