Monday, November 06, 2006

Covering my head.

Now that I'm back in an area where snow and ice are more common, I thought it would be a good idea to knit a lot of hats. I like knitting hats in general, but always seem to have an issue getting them the right size. I've knit about half a dozen or so; baby hats, adult hats, flat and on DPNs or circulars, but I have yet to find a foolproof formula for hat knitting. I hear there is a good one in Knitting Rules! by everyone's fave knit-blogger, the Yarn Harlot, alas, I am too broke after a cross-country move to buy fun things like knitting books. (Let alone fun things like paying my car insurance and cell phone bill. Ugh. I hate being broke.)

So I am setting off on another adventure to knit a hat. I'm loosely basing it on this pattern. Very loosely.

I'm using size 8 needles (the only size I have both DPNs and a set short circular needles in) so I doubled my yarn. I'm using cheapy stash yarn that actually looks pretty together. I chose these two colors because have a few scarves that it will match and a lovely pair of leather and shearling mittens I bought a few years ago in the middle of the summer for a freakishly low price.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck getting the hat done!

I would love to learn to knit, but I'd rather be taught than try to figure it out by myself from pictures in a book...