Friday, October 27, 2006

Lincoln Logs

I'm knitting right along. Currently there are a lot of projects on needles: Grey IHS, Coral IHS, Blue IH headband, Magic Stripe socks, the red side-to-side throw and finally a log cabin blanket. Whew.

I do have to admit that I haven't really touched the socks or the scarves in about 2 weeks... I got distracted by the thought that the holidays are quickly approaching and I had a huge project planned for my mom.

So that's where we are now... 6 projects on needles: 2 huge (one of which isn't on any sort of time line), 2 medium (both of which need to be done by the holidays and a hat made to match the coral one), and 2 small (neither need to be finished any time soon but the headband will probably end up getting finished as I get sick of knitting row after row of garter stitch.) OK, now I'm exhausted.

I'm also planning to knit a few more things out of Mason-Dixon Knitting for the holidays. Lots of dishcloths. I also want to knit a log cabin rug for myself. I need rugs. A lot of rugs. My floors are freezing!!!!

Here's the problem I'm having right now: I can't decide if I want to knit the log cabin blanket in long, long, long, long heavy never ending rows of garter stitch -OR- if I want to knit 9 smaller, more manageable squares, but then have to do miles and miles and miles of seaming.


Please excuse the crappy camera phone photos. I was too lazy to take two sets of photos that day.


Here is my progress as of last night. It's getting down to the wire about the blocks... I could always do 4 large blocks. Ugh. I can't make decisions!!!!

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Lauren said...

Omg your log cabin blankie is so cute already! I would say that just knitting one giant pattern would be cute looking, but that is so not portable. Depends on where you mostly like to work on it. Either way, I keep looking at your blog and wanting to start one for myself right now. :-)