Monday, October 23, 2006


Since I've been a complete knit-blog slacker (I mean, S.L.A.C.K.E.R., no reading them, no writing them. I'm so bad!) I'm going to provide a quick month in the life of me.

I packed a lot.


I gave away 3 garbage bags full of yarn to my best friends.


I drove. And drove and drove. (I had an incident that lead me to spend a huge portion of the trip in a mechanic's waiting room in the-middle-of-nowhere West Virginia, fortunately, I had a tiny pink baby hat in my purse to knit.)


I finally got here and unpacked and knit and the world was happy again.


I'm mostly out of boxes now. I am starting to feel at home in my new place. I'm in love with my apartment. It's adorable and has all sorts of nifty features. (I'll start documenting those soon.) I need to knit about 60832 rugs though. The wood floors are COOOOOLD.

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Lauren said...

HI! Welcome back to bloglang. I missed you. Also, I am so jealous of your buddies who got to fight over your yarn! :-D

I am glad you are closer, I can't wait to come visit. I see you love target plastic bags as much as I do. Your computer even looks like mine, lol. (emachine???)

Hope you can post more often now!