Saturday, June 03, 2006


Dear Lauren,

Almost-drunken phone calls aside, last night was interesting. I'll give you a quick run down...
Drinks consumed: 1 pint, a few sips of Guiness and one shot of SoCo and lime.
Text messages sent and received: at least 5,008.
Number of text messages from T.G.*: Zero.
Number of calls from T.G.: Zero.
Number of minutes spent cursing T.G. for being an asshat: approx. 895
Number of minutes having imaginary conversations where I told him off in clever ways:129
Number of minutes having impure thoughts about T.G.: 1, 647 (most of which occurred during above approximations.)
Number of minutes spent trying to ditch loud lesbian lady and the strange old man who kept trying to touch me: 20
Phone numbers deleted from my mobile phone in fit of disgust: 1.

So it's now early Saturday morning. It's raining but not cold at all. It's like a steam room outside. One of my best friends is getting married today and moving to Raleigh. I'm happy that she's getting married - her guy is great and funny and loves her to death, but I'm really sad to see her go. She's a great friend and I have so few of those in Wilmington. It's supposed to be a sign of good luck if it rains on your wedding day so I'm not going to get mopey about the rain. I will, however, get mopey about the humidity and the crazy things it does to my hair. One the bright side, it does great things for my skin. I don't use nearly as much lotion in the summer. And now I'm rambling.

I hope you have fun at your wedding today. I'll try to send you some more random picture messages tonight.

That insane girl in NC

*T.G. = That Guy.

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Lauren said...

Dear jessica,

Thanks for dedicating your post to me! :-D

I enjoyed texting and talking to you on the phone all weekend. No really, I did! You are hella cool.

P.S. I worked on my I.H.Scarf yesterday, woot!