Thursday, June 08, 2006

Clapotis R.I.P.

This is clapotis half-frogged on my floor... I was knitting right along... Down to the last 15 stitches on the needles and then I noticed something odd. This whole extra bit of fabric. Um? Where did that come from? What the hell did I do?

I still have no clue, but I've had so many issues with this thing that's I'm ready to chuck it. So for now it's a big ball of yarn stuffed in the stash. I'm sure I'll eventually give it a try again, but I need some new things to do.


Anonymous said...

That so sad... It looks pretty up to that mass of "ahh... what happened here?!?"


Jessica said...

Yeah... I'll figure it out eventually. For now I can work on a few other things.