Friday, February 24, 2006

Strange Days.

My parents rehab houses (I'm working for them now). Usually this means that there is a lot of crap left in the house.

Yesterday we were ripping up the carpet in their new house and found a special treat. We had to move the couch to get the carpet up. When we picked up the couch we found a lovely cock ring on the floor underneath. My mom started laughing so hard she almost fell over. We gave it the code name of "a pacifier" because it kind of looked like one.

My stepfather said something about finding several other "pacifiers" and other toys in the bedroom, including three dildoes.

Sometimes my job is great.

Another random thing today -- On the way to work I saw a man in a yellow raincoat on a huge black horse talking to a police officer behind a dump truck on the side of the road.


On the way home the same man on a horse was in the median of the road (the grassy bit between the two sides). He was just sitting there. Right when I noticed him again "Safety Dance" started playing. It was like a bizarre German art film.

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