Thursday, January 19, 2006

After a long and lonely time in the closet, I pulled out my blanket last night. I needed some mindless knitting while watching television last night and really couldn't bear knitting another scarf... I'm done with scarves for a few months. After I finish Lauren's of course.

I'm using the softest yarn. Bernat denim style sweatshirt in grey and navy. Between each grey and navy stripe I'm using a generic cream acrylic from the Oma stash. I really love the drape of the fabric and the way it feels against my skin. The only minorly annoying thing is that the sweatshirt yarn is very fuzzy. I always end up with bits of it in my nose and eyes. I suppose that will stop after a few washings.

I am really surprised to see how much my knitting skills have improved since the last time I worked on this item. I was able to get through a lot more rows in a much shorter period of time. I think it's partly because of the way I'm wrapping the yarn now and partly because I'm using bamboo needles now instead of metal. There is a huge weight difference.

On a totally unrelated topic:
Someone needs to buy me these.

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