Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm a very busy little bee right now. I am getting ready to make a long list of all my to-knit items. It's getting longer everyday! Today, I received a few requests for custom items. That's nice!

I'm almost done with the scarf I've been working on for a friend. She ordered something a while ago and I sent her a test knit hat from my pile. She liked it, so she asked for a matching scarf. I knit the hat a really long time ago (I basically did it to learn how to do slip stitch faux cables), so I couldn't remember exactly how I had done it. I looked at a few pictures I had of it and was able to guess what I had done 4 years ago.

Fixed the pattern and the scarf is flying along. #etsy #knitting

I originally had the cables running up each row except the ends. It looked very nice, but after about the 18th inch, it started rolling in on itself. I decided the easiest thing to do was to drop the stitches from the 3rd row in on each side to see how it stopped the rolling, that helped, but it needed a little more, so I did 5th row in as well.  I really love the way the plain rows make the cable rows pop.

Yesterday's progress in the scarf.  I almost doubled it.  #knitting #etsy

I'm looking forward to knitting another copy of this. I have some really nice dark olive green/brown Cascade tweed. It's good stuff. I made a great scarf out of it last year. Knitting it again will help with writing out the pattern since my brain can't really seem to translate my scribbled knitting notes into something that anyone else could ever read. It's like I've never read a pattern before when I try to write my own out!! I'm just going to have to sit down with my big file and study how they are written.

I've been planning a hat using the small cables too. I am leaning towards a sock weight yarn since I have so much of that in the stash. I think the variegated yarn will really look nice.

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