Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello from my new yarn cave in California. Weird. I live in California now. It hasn't really sunk in yet.

Even when we have to do awful things like go to Reno. [shudder] Today, we tried going to Walmart to grab a few random items that aren't so easy to find in up here in Tahoe Mountainville, USA. I hate going to Walmart. It's terrible in every way. But Walmart in Reno. It was everything you'd image. (Apologies to those who live there...) I ended up waiting at the front of the store for 20 minutes, while Taylor waited at the BACK of the store for me. I don't have a cell right now because T-Mobile sucks and I need to swap carriers... So we were sans communication. We gave up on the shopping once we found each other and went to In-n-Out Burger. It was glorious. I have been gluten-free for quite a while now, so getting really great treat like that was worth waiting for!

I'm almost done unpacking. I'm trying to make myself a great little home office/studio to get a lot of good work done. I'm down to the last bits which are mostly yarn and make me want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS NOW! I have few baskets made up with projects in waiting. Yippee!

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Lauren said...

Welcome back to blogland! And californie! :)