Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CPH update

I just finished the hood of my CPH. It looks adorable and a little elfin (pointy).

I just have some sleeves, pockets, and the button band to work on now. The sleeves should go relatively quickly since I can do them at the same time and the pockets will be very, very fast since they are so little. The button band should be too awful either since it's just ribbing. Picking up the stitches will be annoying, but that will be the worst part. Luckily, I can work on each leftover bit on it's own so I won't get too bored doing one thing for hours on end.

Oh, and I want this! It's so adorable and knit geeky!


Lauren said...

Haha we should totally figure out how to knit those :) Looks simple enough?

Jessica said...

It's an ottoman. I don't know that I can find yarn thick enough to do that. :)

joven said...

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